In Collaboration with Stephanie Yeung

Bhi5 Design Hijack Residency 2020

Squirrel is an artistic light sculpture that revamped a derelict local business located in Tulum, Mexico. The intervention site was a familial shop that operated in a versatile fashion. However, the site was uninviting to the passersby. Its mute appearance concealed its adaptive, hybrid, and amusing characteristics, as well as the charisma of its owners. In this project, we analyzed the shop’s current conditions and conceived a light sculpture that would underscore and aggregate to the site’s unique environment and features.

The sculpture took the form of a colossal and illuminated “Slinky”- an evocative and vibrant childhood toy – placed on top of the roof. Visually, the Slinky ‘stretches’ and ‘traverses’ the roof, hanging below it, lighting up both exterior and interior spaces.

For video and further information on the project, visit: www.bhi5.com/squirrel.html

Artwork by Hermano Luz and Stephanie Yeung.  Footage by BHI5. Conducted at BHI5 Design Hijack 2020 in Tulum, Mexico. 

Hermano Luz